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Info about Bengaluru Suddi

Bengaluru Suddi is a sensational local News Portal that delivers News across Bengaluru's Constituencies. A desi App about Namma Bengaluru which has all the info/news/updates about the city.

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List of categories under Bengaluru Suddi

  • Elections


    Provides information about elections to voters, political events & to formulate their own opinions and participate in community, local or national matters.

  • Business


    Provides information about business & financial matters, events which helps to analyse, interpret business, economic and financial activities.

  • Automation


    Covers information on Science, & Technology, IT industry, Scientific Research, Start ups. Laws and policies regarding automation industry.

  • Health


    Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life.

  • Blogs & Opinions


    Includes wide range of topics individual opinions, blogs, voices of people across Bengaluru.

  • Entertainment


    Capuslates news about Cinema, TV, Music and Events.

  • Delve


    An in-depth coverage on issues and Editorials.